Nukanti Foundation


Exchange “Youth and Human Rights” / June 21-28, 2015 / Valencia, Spain


Nukanti Foundation is holding it's first Human Rights, European Citizenship and Intercultural Exchange to take part in the project “Youth and Human Rights”, funded through the Erasmus+ Programmeof the European Commission. The project is organized and hosted by Fundación por los Derechos Humanos 10.12.48 (Spain), in cooperation with Nukanti (UK) and Tiwtmin Tiwtmin Association (Morocco).

The project will take place in Valencia, Spain on June 21-28, 2015. Groups of 10 young people from the UK, Spain and Morocco will gather together to discuss topics related to Human Rights and European Citizenship through various workshops, documentary projections and discussions. Each group will be accompanied by a leader who will support the participants in planning and carrying out the activities. The group members will be in contact with each other a few weeks before the exchange so they can discuss and prepare their participation. The activities will be in Spanish and English and the coordinators will assist with translation when needed.