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Summary of the Project

Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile 

Shoot4Peace is an international event using sports as a tool to promote human rights and social justice through the empowerment of war-affected youth.

Marginalized youth affected by armed conflict are particularly vulnerable to risks like falling victim to landmines, sexual violence as a war crime or the recruitment by armed groups. At the same time children and youths face unique socioeconomic obstacles like a lack of skills for employment or language barriers caused by flawed and interrupted education. 

Shoot4Peace will bring eight teams of war affected children and youths from regions like Syria or Colombia to Santiago de Chile during the Homeless World Cup 2014 from October 18, to 26, to take part in the event and engage with other youths through the universal language of football.

During the event, which is organized in a cooperation between Homeless World Cup and Nukanti Foundation, the children will take part in an innovative international dialogue in order to raise awareness for the need to recognize and uphold children rights especially in regions affected by armed conflict.

Also, this process of social interaction will help them learn how to build relationships that support peaceful coexistence, help them recover from trauma, improve their livelihoods and finally become agents of positive transformation in their communities, empowering other children alike.

A special emphasis will be placed on issues faced particularly by girls in armed conflicts, like sexual violence or forced prostitution. 

Structure of the Event 

The Shoot4Peace program will be run in two phases: 

First Phase 

Shoot4Peace will bring eight teams of children representing war‐affected regions such as Iraq, Syria (refugee camp in Jordan), Israel, Palestine, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, and Colombia to Santiago de Chile during the Homeless World Cup 2014, between October 18, and 26. The teams will compete over a period of eight days, while at the same time youth leaders representing each country will present talks and activities to local youth and communities in Chile to create awareness for similar issues young people are facing worldwide, facilitating cultural exchange and sharing leadership experiences.

Second Phase 

In each participating country, Shoot4Peace will partner up with an appropriate organization working locally to establish and/or strengthen a permanent educational project based on sports and human rights. Beyond football, participants will be empowered to tackle the issues they face in conflict affected regions on a daily basis, designing and finally implementing initiatives they find fit for their environments and circumstances.


Project details

Shoot4Peace aims to provide a tool of expression and healing for war-affected youth through sports, building leadership skills among the participants by boosting their self-esteem and providing them with hope.

Apart from that, the program should improve their quality of life, create capacities for income-earning opportunities and help create an environment fostering positive alternatives to the conflict.

Through gaining voice and visibility, the youths are supported in engaging with their own lives in a constructive way and in experiencing the catharsis of an informal but powerful sport therapy structure.

The goals of the completed program are to promote social change, and achieve broad audience awareness and education through community, social networks and global outreach. Finally, each participant will give back in return in their home communities by initiating projects which use sports as means of social change.    

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See you in October – in Santiago, Chile!