Nukanti Foundation



Where: Santiago, Chile 
When: 18-26 October 2014 (concurrent Homeless World Cup 2014)


Shoot4Peace is an international event using sports as a tool to promote human rights and social justice through the empowerment of war-affected youth.

Through this event, we help youth discover their authentic voices and gain the confidence to share their stories with peers from around the world. 

This process of healing helps them learn how to build relationships that enable peaceful interactions, recovery from trauma, and social advancement. Our goal is to help them become leaders who can transform their communities and empower other children living in conflict-affected regions.


Who Will Participate?

Organized by the Nukanti Foundation and Homeless World Cup, Shoot4Peace will bring together eight teams of children from war‐affected regions: Iraq, Syria (refugee camp in Jordan), Israel & Palestine, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Cote d’Ivoire, and Colombia. 

To realize this project, we are partnering with five other organizations: Coaches Across Continents, Mifalot, Beyond Sport, Spirit of Soccer, and Aball1.

We will use innovative techniques to encourage these children to start an international dialogue -- through the global language of football -- that brings attention to the struggle to recognize and uphold the rights of children living in war‐affected regions. We will emphasize the issues faced particularly by girls, including sexual violence, early marriage, and child prostitution..


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See you in October – in Santiago, Chile!