Nukanti Foundation


My Life in Focus is a media education program for children, youth and women affected by extreme poverty, violence and forced displacement in Colombia. Its goal is to empower participants to become powerful leaders and artists by using media technologies to transform images and perceptions about their communities, cultures, and themselves.  In a society where media is monopolized and driven by profit, we believe in giving marginalized groups the knowledge and skills to take action and create their own media which address issues that affect them, voice their stories, and reflect their identities and cultures. Read more here.

Shoot4Peace is an international event using sports as a tool to promote human rights and social justice through the empowerment of war-affected youth. Marginalized youth affected by armed conflict are particularly vulnerable to risks like falling victim to landmines, sexual violence as a war crime or the recruitment by armed groups. At the same time children and youths face unique socioeconomic obstacles like a lack of skills for employment or language barriers caused by flawed and interrupted education. Read more here.