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Stop Being a Tourist! Become a Traveller while Improving Children's Lives.

NukanTrip is a non-profit program organized by Nukanti Foundation for Children that gives the opportunity for conscience-driven travelers to make a difference in the lives of the most marginalized children while exploring some of the most fascinating places on earth.

NukanTrip promotes responsible tourism and cultural exchange with local communities of each region where the travel takesplace, as well as a direct contribution to a social project for children in that country. Not only you’d have the best travel experience and come back with fond memories traveling to the most remote and beautiful places in the world, you’d also create an enormous change in the life of a child! Before you know it, you’ll be off having an amazing adventure with a great group of people while helping us make a real difference!

Here are some of our trips.

My experiences in Valencia - a story by Shaziya Tayub

I was one of the 10 participants who volunteered to be part of the Exchange programme in Valencia, Spain. This was a one-week programme, which allowed students from the UK, Spain and Morocco to collaborate with each other in order to work together with regards to human rights. This one week was designed to promote human rights message using photography, music, drama, talking and workshops.

Youth Exchange Programme in Valencia

Nukanti Foundation held it's first Human Rights, European Citizenship and Intercultural Exchange to take part in the project “Youth and Human Rights”, funded through the European Commission. The project is organized and hosted by Fundación por los Derechos Humanos 10.12.48 (Spain), in cooperation with Nukanti (UK) and Tiwtmin Tiwtmin Association (Morocco).

NukanTrip provides you with a distinct way of traveling with cultural immersions through direct constant interaction with locals in their communities who will teach you about their lifestyle, their food, music, dance and other artistic manisfestations. 

We saw the best of Morocco while working for women and children’s rights and wellbeing. In the Moroccan Sahara, with beautiful landscapes over the dunes of the Valley of Dades, we packed a truly wonderful experience into 10-days from June 9th to June 19th, 2012. We trecked and immersed ourself in their culture while giving our time to a worthy cause!

NukanTrip saw the best of Brazil while working for children’s rights in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro