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Women weaving

Women weaving

Morocco Solidarity Micro-Credit Project For Women
in association with Tinmiwl Tiwtmin

Location: Morocco

Nukanti’s Morocco Solidarity Micro-Credit Project aims to provide micro-credit access and educational opportunities to 80 Berber women living in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Summary of Project

Berber women living in the Atlas Mountains accustomed to work in small fields surrounding the villages, however the wheat crops used to make bread are only available during a few months per year. Meanwhile, many other local traditional activities such as grazing sheep and cows, and raising honey bees have ceased to exist, and thus affected the milk, cheese and honey production of the community. These products as well as sheep wool to make clothing and carpets can be generated year-round and sold in local and national markets. The region of the Atlas Mountains where these women live is a beautiful and touristic area that could also increase the sales of carpets and other handmade items made by the participants in the project. The work place will also be one of learning where they will acquire the skills to weave carpets, and literacy courses. Through micro-credit, they will also be able to purchase sheep, cows and bees to maintain the production when they can no longer grow wheat crops. These regions are extremely marginalized and local women do not have access to proper education or means of increasing their income in a healthy and safe environment. Therefore, the implementation of a micro-credit project with said women will not only empower them to be educated and financially independent and consequently earn more respect in their community, but also restore long lost traditions in their communities. The decision to work with women is due to their less favourable conditions in addition to the fact that by empowering women, there would be a direct positive impact on their children and families. The project will involve 80 women in 5 nearby villages.


About our Partner Association - Tinmiwl Twtmin Association

Nukanti has selected Tinmiwl Tiwtmin Association (The Association) due to its founder’s, Omar Zanifi, demonstration of professionalism and pro-activity relative to the other associations. Omar is a native Moroccan who lives in the Atlas Mountains region that is mainly inhabited by indigenous populations, the Berbers. He works in the tourism industry as a tourist guide and also has been involved in community projects for the last 16 years; these include: agriculture, carpet sewing, water stream building, and building a library. He also has experience in real estate. Omar’s timely responses to our requests and methodical manner of answering our questions, to ensure not missing any question, are some of the qualities that led us to choose his association. His wide presence on the Internet, in promoting tourism in his region, demonstrates his qualities as a proactive leader. The Association’s mission is to improve the conditions in which the indigenous live given the inequalities they have been subjected to in Morocco.

The Project

The project’s objective is to offer micro-credit to women from several villages in the Atlas Mountains region. The Association itself is located in Tinmiwl Village and will also be serving other women from four other villages. The funds are be used to develop the agricultural economy that has traditionally been part of their culture. These include:

  • Sheep breeding with wool and lamb as outputs
  • Cow breeding with milk and cheese as outputs
  • Honey harvesting
  • Carpet sewing