Nukanti Foundation


Help Nukanti build communities in 2016!

Nukanti means ‘us’ in the Inga language of Colombia´s Amazonía region. Since 2009 we have worked to strengthen the social fabric in communities affected by conflict and poverty, using the arts & media, sports and education to engage and empower young people. But no one can build an ‘us’ alone, so this is the time of year when we rely on friends like you!

For 2016 we’ve set an ambitious goal to raise USD 24,000 to help Colombia's youth build their own healthy communities.

How you can help

With as little as USD 15 per month you can sponsor one child to take part in our Capoeira program in two shantytowns in Bogotá.

By donating USD 30 per month you can become a mentor and sponsor a child in some of the most deprived areas of Colombia.

With a generous USD 50 per month you can support various youth empowerment activities at our community center in Cazucá.


You can also...

  • Buy beautiful artisan products or a limited edition 'us' T-shirt at Nukanti Shop. Show the world that you support building a global community of us's!
  • Join iGive for free. iGive allows social causes to generate funds through the online shopping of its members. Nukanti will receive a benefit just for new members who join through our link.
  • Share our message with your networks via this e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter!