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Sharing experiences from the Youth and Human Rights 2 exchange program in Valencia, Spain: Performance of Play by Hazal Bulbul

Theodora Stankova1 Comment

This day was one of a kind. I don’t remember laughing this much in my life. The workshop was built on the play "Waiting for Godot", based in context of the Bosnian War.  We were exploring empathy, and thinking about how through theatre we could convey messages about the struggles of refugees, people in war and international communities struggling all over the world.

Being told that theatre was an escape for many people in the Bosnian war was enlightening, We were asked to think of an extreme situation from the day before, sad or happy, and act it out. Everyone had a different perspective on this, some of us had very sad stories and some very humorous. The aim of this workshop was to reflect the importance of human rights.

People all over the world voice their opinion, worries and wishes through plays and performances. This workshop helped me to work in a team and understand that these stories all exist and people around the world experience very extreme situations. Furthermore, it encouraged me to be a better listener. Sometimes we listen just to reply, but this workshop helped me learn to listen in order to understand.