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Youth Exchange Programme in Valencia

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The 20 participants from Spain, Syria and Bulgaria with Charlotte Joyce (Nukanti UK) and Eva Tormo ( Derechos Humanos 10.12.48 (Spain)  coordinators of the programme in Valencia, Spain

The 20 participants from Spain, Syria and Bulgaria with Charlotte Joyce (Nukanti UK) and Eva Tormo (Derechos Humanos 10.12.48 (Spain) coordinators of the programme in Valencia, Spain


“Youth and Human Rights” Exchange


Nukanti Foundation held it's first Human Rights, European Citizenship and Intercultural Exchange to take part in the project “Youth and Human Rights”, funded through the European Commission. The project is organized and hosted by Fundación por los Derechos Humanos 10.12.48 (Spain), in cooperation with Nukanti (UK) and Tiwtmin Tiwtmin Association (Morocco).

The project took place in Valencia, Spain on June 21-28, 2015. Groups of 10 young people from the UK and Spain have gathered together to discuss topics related to Human Rights and European Citizenship through various workshops, documentary projections and discussions. 

I'm Charlotte, Nukanti Foundation's UK Director and I'm leading the activities and participants from the UK. As part of the preparation we selected 10 participants based on their interests in human rights.

I have been simply blown away by the calibre, education, discussions, humbleness and passion from our participators. My role as coordinator was to bring our different charities and participants together.  

They made my job easier thanks to how well they adapted in Valencia and integrated with each other and the workshops. Sharing a room with 9 new other people isn't easy but they made it look like they'd been old friends reunited and not a disaster like something out of Big Brother!

The exchange has opened our minds to different views from cultures, religions different from our own, through expression of speech, art, music and cultural immersion.  Sadly the group from Morocco could not join us due to their visa being declined the reason given 'immigration risk'! This became part of our discussions during the week on topics of human rights, and is there truly freedom of movement across borders?

So with the support from the European Commission, we also had a hosts of supporters  and people who have participated in the workshops. I also could not have come if it wasn't for my generous company allowing me to come and support the foundation. Ross Thornley, Founder and Strategy Director of RT Brand Communications is a big supporter of what I do with the foundation and was very happy for me to join the programme for the week. 

We will be looking forward to sharing more updates and human rights messages from the event and sharing our thoughts and impressions with everyone.