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Solidarity Tourism Amazon - Colombia 2012

TripsCharlotte JoyceComment

NukanTrip provides you with a distinct way of traveling with cultural immersions through direct constant interaction with locals in their communities who will teach you about their lifestyle, their food, music, dance and other artistic manisfestations. On this trip we stayed in an eco-friendly environment in the heart of the Amazon sharing with Indigenous populations of the region. We participated in various projects and educational workshops in the coffee region while enjoying the joy and happiness that only children can transmit to us!

W got to know the beautiful coffee region and spent some time in Quinchía with the children, dancing to the various rythms of Colombia such as salsa, cumbia, curulao and reggae, discovered wild animals of the Amazon such as pink dolphins and baby jaguars, cruise on the Amazon river and crossover to Peru and Brazil! And much more!