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Semana Santa

Theodora StankovaComment

Holiday and festive season in Colombia!

Colombians are religious. I knew this before but Semana Santa still surprised me. This life stopped in Quinchia for a week and religious people spent the days celebrating, praying, and perhaps deepening their beliefs. Also, this week the local secondary school celebrated its 50th anniversary. For these two reasons there were lots of things happening in town and Quinchia was energizing.

It started with a parade of the school last Sunday evening when all present, and many of the past, students of the Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores secondary school marched across the town carrying torches. A temporary power blackout spiced up this event, but that was only a preparation for something we didn’t know was coming. In the same evening there also was a concert with live salsa music and because it’s winter season now in the whole country we got several showers while listening to the band. Although dancing in the rain is such a stereotypical picture of many Hollywoodian movies, in fact it’s a quite liberating feeling! 
Having rested after Sunday’s fiesta, we continued the celebration on Thursday and Friday in a more settled manner with processions going to and coming from the church.

Together with Teddy, we participated in a few walks, even a very long one from La Ceiba (which is a place appr. 7 kms away from Quinchia on the way to Pereira), that took us 3 hours.  Also on Friday there was another procession in the evening where the Nukanti Foundation together with other local NGOs and organisations proudly presented its people. It felt a bit strange as well as so good to walk on the streets without saying a word while people were watching us silently.

Today, on Saturday, almost everything is back to normal. We are lying by the pool with some of our students taking advantage of the sunny patches of the winter season. Because in the Colombian winter one can still wear her swimsuit and go sunbathing!
It was so nice to experience a different, festal Quinchia, but on Monday we shall get back to work!