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English Day

Charlotte JoyceComment

“Aw, how amazing! I want to go there.”

A student in ninth grade recently reacted this way after researching France for English Day.

The classes at Colegio Maria Reina are preparing for English Day on November 14th. On this day, each class in grades six through eleven – thirteen classes of over 300 students in total – will present a country in the form of a travel agency in the morning and an artistic cultural presentation in the afternoon. The countries represented will be Canada, England, France, Ireland, USA, Japan, Brazil, and five cities of Colombia (for the younger classes). 
Students have been researching aspects of culture, including sports, activities, food, tourist sites, and unique parts of their respective countries with the goal of convincing the professors, people in the community, and me – of course – to choose their destination for a trip. In English.

The project is meant to affect many members of the community in various positive ways. Obviously, we hope they enjoy practicing English and learning about the world during preparation for the event. Parents and my afternoon class of teachers may learn from them, too. The class of teachers is invited to join English Day by talking to the students at their travel agencies, asking them questions, and playing a role in the decision-making of “where we should take a trip.” Ultimately, however, we hope the research opens their minds to what the world has to offer which might motivate them to do more and learn more for accomplishing the “trip of their dreams” one day.

In looking for the most interesting information to “convince us to go,” we anticipate that they convince themselves as well. And, as the student’s aforementioned comment proved, it is already working.

-Blog post by Elizabeth Mayer