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"A Picture is Worth a Thousand... Cultural Lessons"

Charlotte JoyceComment

“Tell us about New York.”

“What do you want to know?”

This conversation during one of Guatica’s evening community classes prompted a one-hour viewing session of my archived photos a few weeks later. With my hard drive in tow, I presented them with over fifty folders of photos from my experiences over the past five years. To reduce the time, they chose two: “California: L.A.” (a week-long trip to visit a best friend on my way home from teaching in China for a year) and “NYC: Aug-Dec 2011” (during my master’s program in New York City).

It turned out to be a great class not only about culture, but also a motivational talk about opportunities that exist worldwide. Ensuing discussions included popular food, politics, acting careers in L.A., Halloween, Thanksgiving, non-holiday cultural celebrations, teaching in China, health in the U.S.A., and the New Year.

The next goal: they bring photos and tell stories about themselves.

-Blog post by Elizabeth Mayer